Maria Mitcheva
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
BA Rietveld Academy (14)
MA Werkplaats Typografie (17)

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    Latest projects:

  1. Somewhere I've Never Been by Steph Kretowicz, TLTRPreƟ (2017)
  2. Off The Mark, The Box @ WT (2016)
  3. Amanda Ross-Ho, Untitled Period Piece, identity, Vleeshal (2016)
  4. Those Who Eat Fish From The Cyanide Lake Improve Their Sex Life, Tomas Bachot (2016)

  5. One Design Week, identity and art direction (2016)
  6. Music-Money, self-initiated, NYABF (2015)
  7. Constant Companion, Rietveld in the Oude Kerk, identity, with Mads Wildgaard (2014)
  8. Ghosts in Shells, thesis (2013)